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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Richardson, TX

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Hair thinning is a significant concern for many patients, whether genetics, age, hormones, health conditions, or styling products or practices cause it. With current advances in research in the hair restoration industry, new procedures get created to help fight the problem. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an innovative nonsurgical procedure for individuals showing remarkable benefits in slowing, stopping, and reversing hair loss. PRP has shown promising outcomes in patients with alopecia areata or thinning eyebrows. Our skilled team at Pristine Med Spa is one of only a few hair restoration facilities performing this innovative therapy in Richardson, TX. By blending a powerful solution of growth factors and bioactive proteins, our team can help strengthen your hair, resulting in thicker, longer, healthier locks.

At Pristine Med Spa, PRP therapy for hair loss procedures offer several great advantages that may create more vibrant, thicker, and fuller hair, including:

  • Utilizes your own healing mechanism
  • Boosts natural hair growth
  • Outcomes are natural-looking and are often lasting
  • Can work for both men and women
  • No chemicals or medicine
  • No sugical procedures or scars
  • No required recovery time

Am I A Candidate for PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

Any person suffering from balding is essentially an excellent candidate for PRP treatments, while patients with early hair loss tend to yield the most favorable results. PRP is best used for patients with androgenic alopecia, a genetically determined type of hair loss that usually presents on the top part of the head. In women, this can look like a broadening part with normal hair thickness at the back of the scalp. Those with sections of "poor quality” hair growth of the scalp with normally reacting hair follicles have the best results with PRP hair regrowth therapy.

A minimally invasive process, PRP therapy is a short one-hour in-office visit. The procedure starts with obtaining a little bit of your blood and placing it in a specialized machine, which rapidly circulates the blood to remove the platelets from the remaining portion of the blood components. After that, a local anesthetic gets applied to the scalp, and we introduce platelet-rich plasma into areas of your head that are bald or thinning. Then microneedling is performed on the scalp to create micro-trauma and micro-channels into the skin, which triggers the PRP and enables it to seep deep into the skin. Our routine for nonsurgical management of hair loss includes initial treatment and maintenance therapies approximately every nine months to one year.

Amazing service with excellent results. My skin is much brighter and cleaner than ever before.

R.K. Google

Dr. Khan and the overall service was excellent. They made me feel well taken care of!

N.Q. Google

I absolutely adore dr khan and her kindness and expertise. Been seeing her for years!!!!

C.R. Google

Fantastic customer service and knowledgeable in the treatment areas. Best results I’ve ever had after years of laser hair removal!

B.E. Google

Christine has done an excellent job on my face for the past two years, I highly recommend CO2 treatment to keep skin from showing age and wrinkles

L.S. Google


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PRP treatment is a clinically backed choice for individuals struggling to find hair loss solutions. At Pristine Med Spa, we are honored to offer proven solutions to treat thinning hair efficiently. To find out more about PRP sessions, we welcome you to contact our Richardson, TX office today.

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Are the PRP injections painful?

When the PRP serum is being readied, Dr. Khan will apply a numbing cream to your head to keep you comfortable throughout the PRP injections. This is intended to reduce your pain during the course of the treatment. Your scalp may remain numb or tingle for a while following your PRP injections at Pristine Med Spa, but this is temporary, and feeling should come back soon.

How often should I get PRP treatments?

Most Richardson, TX individuals need at least three PRP appointments spaced out 30 days apart to obtain outcomes. Your unique PRP treatment plan could differ depending on the amount of lost hair and your goals. Dr. Khan is able to suggest the number of PRP treatments you will require and how many times you may want to schedule them to stimulate your hair growth. If your condition is more serious, she may suggest more treatment at first, which could occur less frequently after you begin to see results.

Can PRP be combined alongside other hair treatments?

Many Richardson, TX clients combine different services with PRP therapy, including topical medicines applied at home, microneedling, and more. Dr. Khan will assess your head and the degree of hair loss prior to developing your custom plan. She will talk about recommendations for which services are right for your specific case and any home remedies that may work for you in between appointments.

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