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(Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Why do we recommend PRP?

With PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), we can now provide a new therapy option to our patients who are suffering from hair loss. Hair regrowth with PRP injections is possible without surgery and has a natural appearance. No allergic reaction can occur because PRP is made from your own regenerative blood components.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Loss

Does not require surgery
Reliable and secure
Natural-looking outcome
There is no downtime!

Who are Good Candidates for PRP?

Hair loss can affect both men and women, and this method is designed to accommodate all genders. PRP is just as effective in treating female pattern baldness as it is in treating male pattern baldness in our patients. Patients with mild to severe hair loss who wish to take control of their appearance and reclaim their self-esteem are ideal candidates for PRP treatment.

What to expect from PRP Treatment?

A PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy developed for you will help combat hair loss that has already begun and prevent it from worsening before it gets out of control. Minimally invasive, this method is among the most effective among other treatments currently available on the market.

We take a completely natural and risk-free approach. Hair follicles will be stimulated to regenerate using blood taken from your own body during your PRP As a patient, you can be confident that our team of board-certified professionals will be looking out for your best interests at all times during the entire treatment.

Contact our office if you have any questions or want to learn more about PRP hair restoration treatment!

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